Tuesday, March 13, 2012



Sarkara kaliyoot mahothsavam is the festival commomerating the fight 
between the demon Darika and goddess Durga. 

The event is enacted in a thrilling ritual performance known as Paranettu conducted by the heads of 64 villages. The combat is enacted in various stages like Vellattam kali, kurutholachattam, Naradar purappadu, Nayar purappadu, Iranippra purappadu, Kaniyaru  purappadu, Pulayar purappadu, Mudiuzhichil etc...

The most thrilling part is the concluding Paranettu, which is an action packed 
and moving ritual. The final fight and killing of Darika is enacted on specially 
enacted stage, about 100 feet high and is conducted at night.
More details visit:http://achus-chl-sarkara.blogspot.com                                                
                   PHOTOS BY PRAVEEN NV


  1. Nice photos...originality is there. but whatever, the Black & White photos are looks more good.
    Thanks a lot and god bless you

  2. Thank u Manoj....Credit goes to Mr. Praveen...